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Write Your Sunnyside Story!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

July 1st marked the halfway point of 2023, providing the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past six months and make plans for a bright future.

To assist with your mid-year reflection, I am thrilled to offer a free printable Level Ten Life resource, adapted from Hal Elrod’s inspiring book, The Miracle Morning.

Free Printable Resource Download!

Level 10 Life Worksheet
Download PDF • 201KB

This week, I am eagerly preparing for Read By The Sea, the highly anticipated local literary festival in River John.

I am excited to learn from esteemed children’s author Michelle Robinson and be captivated by the spoken word poetry of Angela Bowden, one of my most admired Nova Scotian authors, as she takes the main stage. Additionally, I have been selected to participate in a Dragon’s Den style Pitch the Publisher competition, where I will have the chance to pitch my upcoming work of Canadian Literature, Canada’s Ocean Letdown, a summer story set on the beautiful shores of Nova Scotia. I will also hand-deliver a submission package containing a selection of my stories and poems.

While I am proud of my submission package and have faith that the panel of publishers will recognize its promise and potential, the story that fills me with the most pride is the transformation of my own life through writing. Tired of labeling myself as unemployed and on disability after losing my job, business, and nonprofit organization during the Covid-19 pandemic, I made the decision to rewrite my story and embrace the title of a writer.

The more I called myself a writer, the more of a writer I became, attracting opportunities to refine my craft through workshops with talented authors at the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia, further my education with the Halifax Humanities Society, and return to the workforce from disability as an author/entrepreneur.

As you reflect on the beginning of this year and make plans for your own bright future, remember the power of perspective. As Wayne Dyer said, "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." I encourage you to approach your past and future with a positive and empowering mindset, believing in your infinite potential.

Wishing you a Sunnyside Summer!


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